Zuli Smartplug

Zuli’s little savings will help make a big difference. Connect your electronics, control them from your phone, and let the Zuli Smartplug adapt to your habits and presence. Similar to the Nest Thermostat, the Zuli will turn on your electronics when you enter a room and power down when you leave. Over time the system learns your habits and automatically adjusts to your schedule. The Zuli App gives you full scheduling controls and individual controls over specific devices, allowing you to control your equipment remotely. Not only does the Zuli give you smart controls over your electronics, it tracks energy consumption, and helps reduce your environmental impact when devices are not in use. The Zuli also connects to the Nest, Logitech, Philips and Research Frontiers giving you a fully integrated and automated home.

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Zuli SmartplugZuli SmartplugZuli Smartplug AppZuli Smartplug App