A Desk


Start your work day off at the right angle with the A Desk. If you’re an illustrator or a designer you’re always looking for the best angle for ripping off your creations. The A Desk by ByALEX is a masterful modernist inspired solution that takes the best of tilt-able desk design to an all new level. Made of high pressure laminate, the surface can easily tilt up when you plan to let those creative juices flow. Don’t worry though, with its durable next to waterproof surface, it offers the perfect stain free work zone. With a size just measuring 75 tall x 120 wide and a depth of 65cm, the A desk is not too big or too small, and thus the perfect size for a laptop and sketchbook. Add in a built in functional pencil tray, scratch resistant surface, your home office just became the most practical, flexible place on earth. As clean as the lines, ByALEX’s dedication to a environmental responsibility shines through with their choice of only sustainable materials.

Available via John Lewis or directly from ByALEX.