aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike


Take charge of the urban commuter scene with the aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike. Lately it seems like the electric bike scene has taken off, that’s good since it’s one less car on the road. No matter how many e-bike choices there are, they all seem to follow the same old template.The aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike has done the exact opposite presenting a outstanding electric charge to a rather lackluster scene. With a sweeping revolutionary stylish frame, the aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike is made from sustainable ash wood. The frame houses all of the electrical keeping it well protected from the elements. To top it off, the eco friendly wooden frame uses eight times less energy than its aluminum counter part. Powered by a FlyKly motor, it has a range of up to 40 km and a top speed up to 25km/hour. The aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike comes  spec’d out with high end components such as Shimano crank, Magura brakes, H Plus son wheels, LightSKIN seat post and Innos LED handlebar. If you’re looking for a unique electric bike that has all the right design cues, than the aceteam Slim Wooden E-BIke will electrify your everyday commute.

Individualize yours today directly from aceteam Berlin.