BioLite PowerLight Solar Kit


Take the grid offline with the BioLite PowerLight Solar Kit. We’ve become so high-tech, and our gadgets have become another appendage, but sometimes it’s nice to reference that map you downloaded. As a fan of BioLite and all their campsite products,  we’re excited by the  introduction a new Solar panel. Designed to be highly efficient, ultra slim, the Solar Panel (a 5W monocrystalline panel) contains a handy 360˚ kickstand and sundial for proper alignment and lanyard tie points at each corner for pack/tent or pannier attachment. The included PowerLight is the perfect pocket-sized, weather-resistant nighttime friend. With soft even light, the PowerLight acts as a power bank and hub for the entire BioLite NanoGrid system. Rechargeable from any USB power source, including all BioLite stoves, it features a Micro USB for charging all types of devices, lithium battery, and a 200-250 lumen output with a 6 to 72 hour burn time. Available with or without the light,  getting lost will be never the same.

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