Cricket Darts


Cricket Darts are all grown up. If you’re looking to enjoy a game of darts the modem way, you’re not alone. Dart boards are great, but how many times have you seen them on display front and center in a living room? Not often. Playing darts in a smoky bar or in your friends basement is a simple fact of life. Thank goodness the folks at red wood and blue have designed a masterful modern dart board ending basement dwelling. Made from basswood, a wood previously used in the world of darts, the board has laser etched numbered triangles thus eliminating the countless dodge game from the so called bounce back. Keeping with the modem theme, red wood and blue framed the cricket dart board with American walnut and comes with some masterful handmade walnut and turkey feather darts made by a third generation American dart maker. That alone is super cool. As you see it’s not your typical full numbered board eliminating unnecessary numbers, and sticking to the game of cricket, their favorite game as well as ours too. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for tradition, but when something as beautiful as the cricket dart board comes along, it hits the modern target right in the bulls eye.

Available in limited quantities directly from Red Wood and Blue.