Ortlieb Biking Packs

There’s always room for more gear with the Ortlieb Biking Packs. Known for their air tight waterproof bags, Ortlieb has amped up their product offerings to include a set of spacious biking packs. Whether you’re going out for an afternoon trail ride or a full weekend excursion, Ortlieb will make sure you’re well packed. This set includes a spacious Seat-Pack, twin roll Handlebar-Pack, inline Frame-pack and for those every-day-carry items, a handle bar Accessory-pack. Each pack is PVC free, made in Germany and provides watertight protection from the elements. They’re lightweight and crafted to take on the roughest conditions, and are backed by Ortlieb’s 5-year guarantee.

Stay tuned as this set is scheduled to be release this June. For more information visit Ortlieb.

Ortlieb Biking PacksOrtlieb Biking PacksOrtlieb Biking Packs