Surf Odyssey – The Culture of Wave Riding


I’m sorry dude, there’s more to surfing than you might think in the Surf Odyssey – The Culture of Wave Riding. It’s easy for surfers to understand that surfing is much more than meets the eye. It’s a form of creativity, hardcore community, and a wave of unexplained independence. For the rest of us these key points are overlooked and substituted with typical surfer cliches. The Surf Odyssey goes under water to flush out the true nature of surfing. Through wicked photography and gnarly illustrations, the Surf Odyssey takes you deep into uncharted surf spots highlighting cold-water surfing and custom boards. As a true admirer (learning and riding my first board in Costa Rica), I’ve barely scratched the surface. If you’d like to immerse yourself in this multifaceted community, than sit back enjoy the thrill of what it’s like to ride an unbroken wall of water while staying connected to the environment.

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