Merrimack Canoe


Just when you thought great canoe heritage was sinking, the Merrimack Canoe by Sanborn comes to the rescue. With heritage always being on the cusp of extinction, especially with the advancement of technology and low cost labour, it’s nice to see when companies like Saborn realize their true potential. Merrimack, founded in 1954 and one of the America’s original canoe makers, has developed an ingenious wood reinforced fiberglass hull. Hand built using modern technologies and old world craftsmanship, the Merrimack takes full advantage of high quality materials like fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber married together with wood ribs. Completing this wicked looking vessel are handmade details such as wood gunnels, seats, decks and thwarts plus an inlaid brass medallion on the front deck. With history at one side and pure talent on the other, they created an incredible masterpiece that not only looks good, it performs like no other. Help the Merrimack Canoe set sail once again and never, ever sail into the sunset (unless it’s on a fishing trip).

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