PlasmaDry Corduroy Mill shirt


Unnatural forces combine to make the super natural PlasmaDry corduroy mill shirt. With spring and summer out in full force there are bound to be rainy days. Sometimes we’re convinced to stay inside or choose a non-flattering plastic jacket, but the folks at McNair have done their due diligence in creating this all natural water resistance workhorse. Taking multiply years and millions of pounds, McNair had produced a new way of repelling water at the molecular level. Using a totally fluorocarbon free process, McNair has pushed the level of environmentalism to a new degree in an area where fluorocarbon process is highly utilized in the current waterproof jacket market. As performance oriented as this shirt might be, it’s the hand made details and the natural feel that will forever change the attitude and design sense of water resistant materials for years to come.

Available in PlasmaDry moleskin or in our fav’ PlasmaDry Cordura. Pre-order yours at McNair.