ThrowRaft TD2401


The ThrowRaft TD2401 is larger than life only when you need it to be. How many times have you been out on the water fishing and lack of space starts to dictate what gear you should or should not bring. Safety is key but not always the first thing that pops into many minds because a) it’s either to bulky or annoyingly heavy, or  b) you just think that shit won’t happen to me. ThrowRaft has come up with the very first U.S. Coast Guard approved inflatable, throwable flotation type four pfd on the market. With an approval rating as high as that, it packs all that high standards into one compact (9x smaller than a ring buoy and 5x smaller that any square cushion)  lean, mean saving machine. Besides being small enough to fit into a backpack or ditchbag, the TD2401 auto inflates when submerged underwater, can be repacked and rearmed, can be used as back-up buoyancy with a life jacket and of course is highly visible in any search and rescue situation. Proudly made in the USA, can be purchased with or with out a handy mounting case.

Available directly via Amazon or ThrowRaft.