Victoire De Ville


The road to victory just got a whole lot sweeter with the Victoire De Ville. Started in 2011 by a group of mechanically inclined passionate cyclists,Victory Cycles sought to produce an all-around steel product. With the loss of the passion for old school materials, they set out on a mission to bring back character via handmade production of traditionally inspired design. The Victoire De Ville is their urban sexy run-about that comes in a variety of configs. For starters, it features Columbus Zona tubing that is constructed together beautifully via Fillet-brazing. Along side the Italian made tubing, other standard features include custom geometry, BSC bottom bracket, and a 27.2mm seat post, just to name a few. The most common options range from Columbus Life, Reynolds 853 or Tange Prestige tubing, integrated gear hub or drive-belt drive train, fender, rack, light eyelets and electric assistance. As industry stretches its boundaries, Victory Cycles went the opposite way and focused on working with companies located close by resulting in an ethical and environmentally conscious end product. Made in France exclusively in french workshops, the Victoire De Ville is set to inspire victory laps everywhere it travels.

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