Woolsey Ping Pong Table

Time to raise your game with the Woolsey Ping Pong Table. One of the biggest challenges of owning any type of Ping Pong table is the available square footage. Not everyone has a games room, the garage is only a half-baked solution, and those rickety foldable tables consume just as much space folded as they do set-up. Woolsey has come to the table with a solution that not only alleviates this problem, but also elevates the sophistication of Ping Pong. This table by Woolsey is designed and crafted to meet the ITTF specs, but also doubles as a multipurpose dinning or conference table. The table top and legs are made from solid black walnut featuring a sugar maple center line and finished with a natural food safe oil and wax. The contrasting base is crafted from an ultra-sturdy white powder coated steel frame as well as the regulation sized net that can be mounted and removed in a matter of seconds thanks to the easy-to-use quick bolts. Each table is made to order and comes with a set of walnut paddles, mounting rack and five 3-star Japanese balls.

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Woolsey Ping Pong TableWoolsey Ping Pong TableWoolsey Ping Pong TableWoolsey Ping Pong TableWoolsey Ping Pong Table