Rexford Knives RUT TAD Edition Utility tool


The Rexford Knives RUT TAD Edition Utility Tool is a true utilitarian survival tool. If you’re out in the wild, true utilitarian tools shine. However as a modern mountain men, we live in both worlds, and the RUT TAD is a well-designed EDC tool that takes all situations seriously no matter where you call home. The RUT utility tool is designed to stay sharp (fits standard utility razors) so it’s ready to take on everything from menial tasks to the tough stuff. Its minimal footprint and large lanyard hole, bottle opener, pry tool plus an easy serviceable design make it the perfect side kick to your EDC knife. Most utilitarian tools are pretty standard issue when it comes to design, but the TAD (Triple Aught Design) edition brings their own level of sexiness with exclusive details such as laser etched topo lines and logo. Made in the USA from titanium, it features a draw dropping stonewash finish. With a cutting edge form over function, this beautifully machined edition is one practical tool that we’d proudly show off over and over again.

Available directly from Triple Aught Design.