Tratar Svarog Wooden Bike


Introducing the Tratar Svarog Wooden Bike, a bike with solid roots in minimal design. As bike enthusiasts, we know there are a few key things that make or break a bike. First and foremost is design followed by comfort and then function. The Svarog by Tratar combines all those great traits, making it one of the most refined wooden commuter bikes we’ve seen to date. Add in sexy lines, a sporty look and a bump absorbing wooden frame, and you have one damn comfortable, smooth riding bike. Handcrafted from locally sourced Slovenian wood of either Oak/ Walnut or Ash/ Larch laminated veneer, they are shaped into three pieces and joined together to create one single element. The end result is a construction with no visible joints and thus no weak points. Key sections are then finished off with metal, making one stiff rig that is not going to wear out. All in all, no details are overlooked, creating a refined rig ready to roll for many rides to come.

Available in single speed, Duomatic Kick shift or SRAM Automatix, directly via Tratar.