Your portable keg just arrived, thanks to GrowlerWerks. With the onslaught of delicious craft beers how can you settle for anything less than fresh? The uKeg gives you the opportunity to store, savour and enjoy your favourite beer just like at your local pub. If you brew your own, even better. The uKeg is a half-gallon growler mini-keg constructed to keep your precious beer fresh for weeks, and designed for complete portability. The uKeg is crafted with a double-wall made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel, so you know your brew will stay chilled for hours on end. It features a pressurized and adjustable CO2 cartridge that not only keeps your beer at optimal freshness, but carbonates for the perfect pour. Don’t worry about accidentally running dry as the uKeg also features a pressure gauge and sight glass so you’re constantly up-to-date on pressure and quantity levels.

Available through GrowlerWerks and Huckberry.

GrowlerWerks uKegGrowlerWerks uKegGrowlerWerks uKeg