Subtech Pro Drybag


Introducing the Subtech Pro Drybag, because things just go bump in the night. Most gear bags typically just keep your shit together, organized and dry. While dry is great, we can’t count the times we’ve banged it around, whether it was tossing it down a decent cliff or simply brushing up against a tree. The Subtech Pro Drybag by Subtech Sports is a super cool bag that is not only 100% waterproof, it is also shockproof. Made with TPU 420D and reinforced with TPU620D, the bag contains an inflatable/deflatable airbag perfect to keep sensitive gear protected. Waterproof down to 50m/164ft, it has one of the highest waterproof classifications (IP68) and when combined with the inflation it can float fully packed, even with a full size adult on top. With its airtight design and internal electronics pocket, you’ll never worry about sensitive gear again, allowing you to take whatever you want. If you can’t leave home without your gadgets, Subtech has you covered no matter where your travels take you.

Available from Amazon.