Cortex Bike Helmet


Let the style all go to your head with the Cortex Bike Helmet. It goes without saying that your head is the important when it comes to protection, so it makes me cringe a little when I see people not wearing a helmet. Yes, your hairstyle is important, but when it comes to pure fashion, the Cortex Bike Helmet by Hedon has you covered in all manners. Named after the prefrontal cortex, the all-important sweet spot for pleasure, the Cortex was designed to protect your fragile frontal lobe in stylish comfort. Handcrafted with a full carbon fiber shell, the Cortex features 360 degrees padding and ventilation, 14 gorgeous color options, brass hardware/quick release and brown calf leather trim. The Cortex full carbon Bike helmet is legal for Europe and the UK, however if you live in North America, you’re shit outta luck.

Available directly from Hedon.