Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost


It’s all downhill with the new Fox Transfer Dropper Seatpost. As any mountain biker knows, having to lower your seat is a sin – you should have the height set in stone. Well, we’re not all racers though, and having the ability to lower and raise your seat without getting off your bike is worth its weight in gold. Enter the Fox Transfer Seatpost. This fully adjustable design features a frikken large diameter piston and spool valve that makes for strong yet reliable wiggle free action, all while reducing lever force so you don’t jam your thumb each and every time. As you expect from the masters of shocks, Fox outfitted the seatpost with many options, such as an internal or external cable routing, three drop options and two lever cockpit setups, making this a contender no matter how many unexpected drop ins you partake in. Easy as 123 to setup, this hydraulic housed post is set to make bounds and leaps like no other.

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