Kammok Sunda Tent Hammock


The best of two worlds take to the air, or the ground, with the Kammok Sunda Tent Hammock. When exploring the back country you will come across a wider variety of terrain. As the terrain changes your needs change, and the Kammok Sunda Tent Hammock gives you the versatility to handle anything. Inspired by a flying lemur, the Sunda Tent Hammock brings together a 2+ person tent, an all-in-one hammock shelter, a minimalist hammock and a Fly Light ultralight shelter, in one easy-to-transform design. How’s that for function! Not only is it versatile as they come, the 8ft length, more than 35 square feet of living area and a 40″ ceiling height delivers one of the most livable interiors of any tent in its class. Made from Sunda’s proprietary Lumos shell fabric, it’s not only wickedly waterproof, it reflects heat when you need it and infrared rays when you don’t. With spacious doors, vented windows, unobstructed views, storage pockets and gear loops, this tent is one of the most innovative products we’ve seen in a long time. It won’t leave you hanging (unless you want to) on your next adventure.

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