MACO Magnetic Cable Ties

Make bird nests a thing of the past thanks to MACO’s Magnetic Cable Ties. If you’re a little fanatic about keeping your cords and cables organized and haven’t found the optimal solution you may want to take a peek at these. Zip ties usually solve the problem, but a one-time use isn’t the most economical nor environmental solution. Velcro ties on the other hand are a great alternative and in most cases are our go-to solution for all situations, but are sometimes a pain in the ass, especially for small cables. These MACO Magnetic Ties will not be the be-all solution, but for quick cable organization they look promising. Crafted from elastomer rubber and fastened together by two strong magnetics, the MACO makes cable organization a cinch.

Select from two sizes. Available for pre-order directly through Kickstarter.

MACO Magnetic Cable TiesMACO Magnetic Cable TiesMACO Magnetic Cable TiesMACO Magnetic Cable Ties