Body Care

Type 15 Razor

Hone in that daily routine with the Type 15 Razor. Whether you have a burly beard, or prefer a cleaner look, there is nothing quite like the art of manliness. Taking that art to the next level is the Type 15 Razor, a sexy minimal razor that redefines what a razor should look like. We’ve seen our fair share of safety razors, from traditional favourites like the German Muhle to the ultra-minimal Standard Razor, however neither have refined the design to the extent that we have seen with the Type 15. CNC’d from two distinct metals – a heavy brass that was the go-to metal of the nautical world and aluminum which is light and strong – the Type 15 will suit any style. With its sculpted lines and steadfast three piece construction, the Type 15 (natural brass and our choice) and the Type 15a are ready to enhance any man’s timeless routine.

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