Dry Ice Kronos


The Dry Ice Kronos takes a swing at refining the Ice tool. Why is it we all seem to take a full circle back to the way it once was? Just like the Dry Ice Kronos. Going back to the basics of wood, Furnace Industries has created the Dry Ice, a technical ice tool made from wood laminate. Designed for a mixed bag of ice climbing, the beautiful sculpted handle is made from an incredible strong non-impregnated densified beech wood laminate. This industrial purposed wood is a high strength, dense, stable product that, unlike metal, is able absorb vibration. Weighing in at one fifth the weight of metal, beauty and brawn truly co-exist in this innovative ice tool. If you’re into a little indoors practicing before conquering that next big ice climb then check out their Dry Ice Icicles, a wood handled indoor ice climbing tool that requires no axe swinging.

Available upon purchase from Furnace Industries or via  Backcountry gear.


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