Faug End Table

Sculptural Faug End Table is 100 years in the making. How often does it happen when you’re looking for one item – no matter what it is – black is the go to colour? Material Studio, a young collective of creatives based out of Bucharest, have used traditional black colour inspired by Japanese method Shou Sugi Ban to its full advantage. Inspired by brutalist architecture, a time when top heavy buildings ruled the scene, the Faug end table is a wonderfully minimal masterpiece well suited for any room. Made from reclaimed 100 year old oak salvaged from collapsed houses and barns in Transylvania, then detailed with brass, bronze and copper, and finished off in Danish oil.

Available exclusively from Industry West.

Faug-End-Table-1-Lumberjac Faug-End-Table-2-Lumberjac Faug-End-Table-3-Lumberjac