Stagg Pour-Over Coffee System


Fellows pours nothing but heart and soul into their Stagg Pour-Over System. There is nothing quite like coffee perfection and if you’re into brewing that oh so good cup of joe, then you’re in for a treat. Achieving a great coffee is one thing but to do it consistently is what the Stagg Pour-Over system is all about. Featuring a vacuum insulted construction that allows for wicked heat retention during brewing, a no clog drainage design that allows for a consistent drip each and every time, a steep slope that allows for incredible extraction, and a drip cup and ratio aid. It also comes with a hand blown double wall borosilicate carafe and a single to double wall lip of hand blown borosilicate glass that is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of glass. Coffee is a thing of beauty and the folks at Fellow have brewed a perfect match to your morning routine.

Available as a complete system or individually at Fellow. Also available is their sweet Stagg Pour-Over Kettle via Amazon or Fellow.

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