Thermo Winter Biking Gloves

Cold rides made easy thanks to the Thermo Winter Biking Gloves. Discovering a decent pair of riding gloves is like finding gold. They are either made for summer conditions or are a half-baked design that is way too bulky for decent digit flexibility. These Thermo Gloves by PEdALED provide ample protection from the elements while maintaining effective handlebar grip. The exterior shell features windproof panels while the palm material helps maintain grip (even in the rain) and offers strategic padding where needed most. The internal fleece membrane is soft to the touch, naturally flexible and offers enhanced breathability and fast drying times. The extended elastic wrist guard provides plenty of protection from wind, but thin enough so it can be tucked under when required.

Choose from 3 colors. Available exclusively from PEdALED.

PEdALED Thermo Winter Biking GlovesPEdALED Thermo Winter Biking GlovesPEdALED Thermo Winter Biking Gloves