Wattnott LED Filament Bulbs

Edison’s classic lightbulb reinvented by Plumen’s Wattnott. You can expect all the benefits of a new LED bulb wrapped up in the same personality and character of an old-school filament bulb. Plumen’s new Wattnott collection features uniquely designed Filament technology that delivers the same warm ambient light of a traditional bulb with energy saving benefits of an LED. Depending on the bulb style, you can expect a lifetime between 15,000 – 25,000 hours, 4 – 4.5 watts of energy consumption, and a brightness of 140 – 365 Lumen. Each bulb is dimmable and available in clear or tinted glass. Unlike some of the earlier LED models, the Wattnotts LED Filament provides instant full light without any warm-up time.

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Plumen Wattnott LED Filament BulbsPlumen Wattnott LED Filament BulbsPlumen Wattnott LED Filament Bulbs