Bellami HD-1 Movie Camera


Go all Coen brothers this holiday season with the Bellami HD-1 Movie Camera. Capturing film can be easy enough with all our modern gadgets but sometimes the whole spirit is lost in translation. The Bellami HD-1 is a wicked vintage inspired movie camera that allows you to swap between old-school charm and high tech wonder. Using an original Japanese CHINON lens it captures everything and more all through a retro shaped trigger shutter designed after a classic 8mm movie camera. With the ability to switch from a multitude of lens such as D mount, C mount and even CS and M42, the Bellami HD-1 movie camera has all the angles covered. Also features a widely supported shutter speed that gives the ability to shoot clear action or stills in the dark, a 12x digital zoom, electronic image stabilization and the tripod compliment. Made in Japan, the Bellami HD-1 makes sure that you keep the season fresh even if your relatives are less compliant.

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