Blaze Fire Tower

Turn pro with the Blaze Fire Tower. If you’re serious about your backyard fire pit and grilling, you may want to take a peek at this tank. Guaranteed to put your neighbours to shame, the Blaze Fire Tower will easily give you the controls to master any fire regardless the season. Crafted from 3/16” of heavy duty American steel, the Blaze will gracefully patina over time and easily last a lifetime. The Blaze weighs about 200 lbs and can be used as a simple (or massive) fire pit, or modified for a full-on grilling, cooking and smoking unit. The cooking accessory kit includes a removable charcoal basket, removable doors, adjustable meat hanging rack and vent louvers to fully control the air flow. This is far from a typical fire pit, but a fire station that will command attention.

For more information and ordering details, check out the Blaze Tower website.

Blaze Fire TowerBlaze Fire Tower