Carbon Gunflint Canoe Paddle


Only your hard work will shine through with the Carbon Gunflint Canoe Paddle. Pushing water is hard enough so why make it harder than is has to be? The folks at Sanborn have been hard at work again to craft this carbon fiber backed paddle. Inspired by the centuries old Gunflint trail (the ‘Seagull’ lies at the end and ‘Marais’ lies at the beginning) the Carbon Gunflint sheds a bunch of weight resulting in an awe inspiring 14.5ounces for the 48″ paddle. Made from Western red cedar and Aspen wood, the blade is fibreglass on one side, and carbon fibre backed. The blade and shaft are then finished off in epoxy and varnish. With a fourteen degree bend and a super lightweight design, this extra wide bladed paddle won’t put all your hard work to waste even though the wind and waves are telling you otherwise.

Available in 8 different lengths and two different spectacular color combinations directly from Sanborn Canoe.