Dwiss Recycling System

Take recycling seriously with the Dwiss system. We all have good intentions when it comes to recycling, but intentions usually end up in the trash if you’re not set-up with the most efficient tools. The Dwiss system is designed to make recycling a cinch without changing your daily habits or completely overhauling your kitchen. This all-in-one recycling system is pretty much the same size as a standard kitchen garbage, but includes four separate compartments. One of the upper compartments can be fitted with a bag for non-recyclables while the second bin includes a removable tub for compost. The two large lower compartments are perfect for bottles, cans, papers and other large recyclable, and can be easily removed and carried in one hand for emptying. The Dwiss system is made with sustainable beech plywood and minimal mechanical parts allowing for long durability.

For more information and pre-order details, visit the Dwiss site.

Dwiss Recycling SystemDwiss Recycling System