Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Meet the Gerber Center-Drive, the first Multi-Tool you’ll actually use. Whether you own one or ten, we’ve all encountered the over-promised multi-tool that falls short on virtually every level. The new Gerber Center-Drive offers a glimmer of hope for a tool you may actually get used instead of gathering dust. The innovation starts with a centre-axis driver that aligns like a screw driver giving you maximum rotation and torque. No skimping out on mini tools either–this Multi-Tool contains full sized tools and standard bits that actually work. It features a one thumb opening system and twelve fully work-ready tools. Made in the USA, backed by a lifetime warranty and designed to be a fully functioning work-horse.

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Gerber Center-Drive Multi-ToolGerber Center-Drive Multi-ToolGerber Center-Drive Multi-ToolGerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool