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Mizusawa Down Parka


Get down with the premium high-tech Mizusawa Down Parka. If you’re down with down, as we are, but hate the fact that once wet it’s pretty much game over, take heart. With their latest collaboration, wings+horns and Descente ALLTERTAIN have crafted an absolute state-of-the -art waterproof down parka. Handcrafted in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, the parka is made from a premium two-layer waterproof Fusiontech 2L fabric, chosen for its well-rounded natural and high-tech qualities. The Mizusawa Down Parka features 20,000mm waterproofing, seamless heat-welded lofts, taped seams and dual stage waterproof vented zippers. Even with all of its high-tech wonder, the jacket’s understated design stands out from the crowd (not like most flashy outdoor apparel) and is perfect for some of the most sophisticated urban wardrobes, or out performing in the backcountry. Coming from a climate that can turn on a dime, the Mizusawa down parka is one of our favourite waterproof jackets to hit the market this season.

Available directly via wings+horns.

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