Ravelin RS01 Riding Shirt


Transition throughout the day in style and function with the Ravelin RS01 riding shirt. As urban active dwellers, we constantly transition from meetings to activity, so it’s hard to figure out what to wear. Ravelin, a San Francisco start-up, has made things easier with the RS01 riding shirt. The RS01 is a bespoke idea of the dress shirt which features a 3M retroreflective that is woven, not merely applied, into the pattern. The 3M retroreflective pattern not only pops in traffic, it is far more durable than its surface applied counterpart. The minimal sewn seams and rear panel cut on the bias for natural stretch allow for incredible flexibility, acting like a second skin, and the functional continues with the ass covering drop-tail cut. Along with clean lines and sleek style, the RS01 has wind block affixed to the interior front panels to keep the winter breeze off your precious innards, and a cell pocket for your all-important smart phone tech. Our lives are always on the move and shirts like the RS01 help us keep pace with integrity and style.

Help get this project moving at support Ravelin on KickStarter.