Runwell Turntable


Introducing the Runwell Turntable, turning the table back on precision musical craft. The holiday season means good food, drinks and of course merry old music. Shinola, a highly tuned American company that started out with watches then ventured into the art of leatherwork, is about to embark on a whole new audio journey with the Runwell Turntable. Channeling some of the best American audio knowledge, the Runwell turntable combines precision craft with high-fidelity sound. Made in the Detroit, USA, the Runwell Turntable is crafted from quality parts like a magnetic cartridge, custom phono amplifier to the machined aluminum plate, platter and tone arm. Ready to use out of the box, the Runwell turntable delivers unparalleled quality and is set to be a key instrument in the world of audio for years to come.

Order yours directly from Shinola.