Sparkr & Sparkr Mini


Fire comes naturally with the Sparkr & Sparkr Mini. Why is it when you need to light a fire, everything seems to be against you? Whether your materials are rain soaked or your hands shaking from the cold, it’s hard to light a match or even get a spark. The folks at Power Practical have lit a spark in the genius department by producing an incredible multi-functional tool that can create fire when you need it most. Using their full brainpower to their advantage, they have launched a weatherproof electric plasma lighter that doubles as a flashlight / lantern. The Sparkr sends a concentrated electrical charge between two electrodes and, voila, you have instant ignition. Not only do you have a flameless igniter that laughs at the sight of wind, rain or snow, the Sparkr includes a 3-setting 150 lumen flashlight, a micro USB charging port and rechargeable Li-Ion cell—all encompassed in a minimal aluminum silver or black body. If the Sparkr didn’t spark your interest (and I’m not sure why it wouldn’t) than the Sparkr Mini, its smaller brother, will fit in with your must-haves. The Sparkr Mini is a sleekly designed flame ignitor that fits in the palm of your hand. Like its bigger brother, it utilizes a concentrated electrical charge in a cool x shape. Working in every form of weather you can think of, it also has a built-in 150 lumen flashlight. Together or apart, the Sparkr and Sparkr Mini give you the endless power to spark up whenever Mother Nature tries her best to put a damper on the situation.

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