Tent Stake Hammer

Get the job done right with the MSR Tent Stake Hammer. A rock has always come to the rescue when pounding tent stakes but they do a half-assed job and leave you stranded when it’s time to leave. Not that you need a tool for every task, but this little Hammer by MSR is the ideal car-camping tent companion. Crafted for tent erecting efficiency, this little hammer is perfectly balanced for driving tent stakes in the toughest ground and, unlike the trusty rock, this hammer will remove the stakes with ease. The head is crafted from durable stainless-steel while the lightweight handle is made from aluminum. You won’t have to worry about this hammer snapping like those cheap plastic alternatives, so it’s likely to last your camping lifetime. No bells or whistles, just an integrated bottle opener to help celebrate when camp has been made.

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MSR Tent Stake HammerMSR Tent Stake HammerMSR Tent Stake Hammer