Malvaux Number 1 Knife

Bend your perception on a classic with the Malvaux Number 1 Knife. Founded in the motherland of the Swiss Army Knife, the Malvaux continues the tradition of Swiss precision and craftsmanship with an evolution on design and functionality. The Malvaux Number 1 features a bent handle that not only improves ergonomics but makes blade retrieval a cinch, even with gloves on. In the Swiss tradition, the Malvaux stainless steel blade and lever are made with a precision water-jet mill then hand polished to perfection, while the body is crafted with a CNC milled anodized aluminum. Unlike traditional pocket knives, the Number 1 blade can be easily removed for sharpening or even replaced in worst case scenarios.

Choose from Bonfire orange or Slate grey, and available directly from Malvaux.

Malvaux Number 1 KnifeMalvaux Number 1 Knife