Uncharted Seventy2 Backpack

Seventy2 Survival System

Take the risk out of survival with the Seventy2 fully-integrated survival pack. We all have good intentions about creating the ultimate survival pack, but when push comes to shove a majority of us are far underprepared for a real survival situation. The Seventy2 Pack helps eliminate the risk during the critical first 72-hours with a complete pack of 30 high-quality survival products. Backpack and all, the Seventy2 is a full-stocked waterproof 600D tarpaulin bag that will get you through almost every situation, even the most novice who has little to no survival skills. In the pack you will find everything from a convertible shovel/pick axe and air filtration mask to food rations and a survival tent. Even if you don’t know what half the stuff does, it comes with life-saving instructions for those unexpected moments. This pack will surely not be used on a frequent basis, but when the time comes you’ll wish you had one at a moment’s notice.
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Uncharted Seventy2 Backpack Uncharted Seventy2 Backpack Uncharted Seventy2 Backpack Uncharted Seventy2 Backpack