Bicymple LumberJac


Simplicity rides in style with the Bicymple. There are lots of great bike designs out there but if you’re looking for the ultimate unique riding machine then look no further. As traditional bike fans, when we first saw this truly unique stunner we wondered how functional it really was. Well, it is much more than just functional. Adhering to basic principles, the Bicymple removes the chain and reduces the overall moving parts. Powered by crank arms attached to a direct drive freewheeling rear hub, this simplistic design allows for a shortened wheel base. Reducing the moving parts and the most annoying mechanics makes for one lightweight machine that is a breeze to maintain. As an additional option you can order it with a rear steer node. Ultra-compact and nimble, this is the perfect urban commuter, especially when space in premium.

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Bicymple Lumber Bicymple Lumber Bicymple Lumber Bicymple Lumber