OfferMan Woodshop DIY Hatchet

DIY Hatchet

DIY your own Hatchet. If you’ve ever had visions of crafting your own hatchet or axe, but have no access to a forge, then this DIY kit by OfferMan Woodshop may be the ticket. In the kit you get all the equipment necessary to craft and build a perfect camp hatchet—all you need to do is customize the handle. Once you’ve shaped, sanded and painted the raw hickory handle to your exact specifications, the Hardcore Hammer Head literally is the icing on the cake. Forged from 4140 steel (most ideal steel for toughness and blade retention) the 7-inch head features a curved blade, nail/tent stake puller and the signature hammer end. Not only will this hatch last for years to come, it will be completely customized to your liking.

Get the DIY kit directly from OfferMan Woodshop.

OfferMan Woodshop DIY Hatchet OfferMan Woodshop DIY Hatchet OfferMan Woodshop DIY Hatchet