Curtiss ODT Flipper Dog Tag Knife

Curtiss ODT Flipper Knife

Your knife collection isn’t complete without the Curtiss ODT Flipper. Over five years in development and refinement, this dog tag shaped folder knife is a little tank to be reckoned with. This beast is by no stretch typical, so don’t expect to be perfectly slicing apples while watch Netflix. It’s a real workhorse that picks up the pieces where other knives fall short. The base is the identical size of a regulation dog tag, and crafted from 6AL4V Titanium, where the one-inch square blade is crafted from CTS-XHP (air-hardened, high carbon, high chromium and corrosion-resistant steel). It features a S.P.O.T. pivot system with a shouldered standoffs and stop pin. It comes sans pocket clip, as it fits perfectly in the watch pocket of a pair of jeans.

Available directly from Curtiss Knives.

Curtiss ODT Flipper Dog Tag Knife Curtiss ODT Flipper Dog Tag Knife