Pulse 80 Aquarium LumberJac

Pulse 80 Aquarium

Enjoy a little of the underwater world on land with the Cubic Pulse Aquarium. If you’re a seeker of the underwater ocean life and all its beauty the mundane choices out there often leave you seasick. Cubic, founded in 2010, set out with one goal—bring an extremely high quality aquarium to the retail market. Focusing on design, they used their expertise and experience to bring one of the first retail jellyfish aquarium to urban market. As jellyfish aren’t your average pet (although incredible simple organisms) Cubic created an awesome selection of aquariums that provides everything these mesmerizing little dudes need. As the jellyfish take the forefront, they are successfully displayed using an illuminated LED system that changes colour at the touch of one simple remote. The overall design is sleek, minimal and quite possible one of the best looking tanks on the open market. Made from 100% cast acrylic (100mm thick external frame) it incorporates a built in low maintenance filter system. With the ability to house 10 medium jellies, this 23 gallon aquarium is set to take land by underwater force.

Learn more at Cubic Aquarium or purchase one at Pet Jellyfish.

Pulse 80 Aquarium LumberJac Pulse 80 Aquarium LumberJac Pulse 80 Aquarium LumberJac Pulse 80 Aquarium LumberJac