WG Grill LumberJac

WG Grill

Introducing the WG Grill, strong enough for any adventure, refined enough for the city. Meet the Wolf and Grizzly Grill, a collapsible, compact stainless steel grill that is a must have for any outdoor or urban trailblazer. Taking only seconds to set up, the WG Grill adjusts to any height required making sure that your primary goal can be satisfied. Because when you’re starving, the last thing you need to be is fidgeting with a wonky grill. Meticulously designed, it won’t fall apart after constant trailside abuse. It is made from 100% stainless steel for endurance and heat resistance. Weighing in at approx. 1kg, its packed diameter is smaller than a water bottle. With an 18 month product design phase, the WG grill combines timeless design with smart innovative 2 piece construction. You’ll be creating gourmet meals no matter what adventure you choose.

Make this grill come to life and support this great idea on Kickstarter.

WG Grill LumberJac WG Grill LumberJac WG Grill LumberJac WG Grill LumberJac WG Grill LumberJacWG Grill LumberJac