X-Venture XV-3 Trailer LumberJac

X-Venture XV-3 Trailer

Lighten the load with all new X-Venture XV-3 Trailer. Adventure Trailers are nice, but too often you need a full size rig to haul them around. The X-Venture XV-3 Trailer lightens the load – it’s designed to be pulled behind a smaller SUV. Made entirely from lightweight aluminum, the X-Venture XV-3 Trailer by Schutt industries comes standard with amenities such as front wheeled jack, rear adjustable vertical stabilizers, 32” low rolling resistance LT tires, steel rims and power distribution centre. Available in base, standard and deluxe packages, the X-Venture XV-3 Trailer offers many customizable options, like cross bar kit for rack tray tent, poly urea coating, 18 gallon water tank and multi-axis max coupler hitch. With military proven durability, the legendary X-Venture XV-3 Trailer is set to open many new paths for off-road wanderers.

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