Clamp Ring LumberJac

Clamp Ring

Industrial elements explored with the Clamp Ring. Rugged elements of the Industrial Age are often overlooked but when you separate them out they are true masterpieces. Inspired by the industrial aesthetic, Drilling Lab and their clamp collection clamp on the pure beauty that lies at the root of its design. Form follows function is imperative to their design so Drilling Lab stays ultra-minimal, leaving elements like rugged texture that allow for a distinct gnarly finish. Handmade in Taiwan from 316 stainless steel and are customizable with a black, silver or gold screw and hex key. With the high-tech future, it’s nice to see companies drawing upon the vitality and simplicity that machinery often covered up.

Available in black, silver or gold directly from Drilling Lab.

Clamp Ring LumberJac Clamp Ring LumberJac Clamp Ring LumberJac