Christopher Bradley Razor LumberJac
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Christopher Bradley Razor

The Christopher Bradley Razor is as smooth as they come. Shaving is, in some ways, a lost art form. Reduced to how many blades you can fit on a plastic razor or who can remove hair the fastest, the razor has become just another capitalist gimmick. Not so with the Christopher Bradley Razor. This double edge safety razor is one meticulously classic razor that will produce smooth shaves for years. Made in Canada, the entire razor is constructed from solid brass and finished off with a stunning bead blast finish. Highlighting this razor handle is a wickedly detailed pattern, inspired by centuries-old guilloche technique. Cut in to the body, rather than formed, the minimal pattern ensures that all of the edges are smooth and clean all while still providing plenty of grip. Available in 5 different solid bar guards, each with increasing aggressiveness, the Christopher Bradley Razor is ready to bring back the morning routine in clean, sharp, long lasting fashion.

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Christopher Bradley Razor LumberJac Christopher Bradley Razor LumberJac