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Yeti SB5+ LumberJac

Yeti SB5+

No one likes plus sizes more than the Yeti SB5+. If you’re always grabbing for those super fat tires yet you’re always met…

Tacoma Habitat LumberJac

Tacoma Habitat

Take to the overland and back with the Tacoma Habitat. If you’re excited to hit the open trail, and like to repurpose your…

Raptor Platform XL

Raptor Platform XL

Introducing the Raptor Platform XL, an entirely new platform for fishing. If you enjoy being out on the open water fishing, and disappointed…

Sanborn Canoes LumberJac

Sanborn Canoes

Introducing Sanborn Canoes, taking to the water redefined. If you’re like us and can’t wait for the snow to melt and waters to…

TigerMoth Camper LumberJac

TigerMoth Camper

Introducing the TigerMoth Camper, just in case the adventure goes south, east, north or west. If you’re looking to escape the daily grind,…

Bicymple LumberJac


Simplicity rides in style with the Bicymple. There are lots of great bike designs out there but if you’re looking for the ultimate…