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Striker Utility Knife _ LumberJac

Striker Utility Knife

Nothing works harder than the Striker Utility Knife. Anza knives started out in the 80’s with one goal in mind, to produce a…

The Douk-Douk Knife - LumberJac

The Douk-Douk Knife

It’s time to clean out those pockets and make room for the Douk-Douk Knife. It’s not your typical knife that’s packed with all…

Rhino Utility Tool -

Rhino Utility Tool

Introducing the Rhino Utility Tool by Hardcore Hardware Australia, the one tool you’ll wonder how you lived without. Tomahawk axe, pickaxe, chisel, and…

Railroad Spike Knife

Railroad Spike Knife

Forge a little of your own history with the Railroad Spike Knife. We’re suckers for unique items, and especially ones that have been…

Redemption Felling Axe

The Redemption Felling Axe

Nothing about the Redemption Felling Axe by Meriwether will leave you feeling sorry. We totally appreciate a beautiful looking axe, add in rugged…


Damascus Pocket Knife

Lay your eyes on the stunning Damascus Steel Pocket Knife. Typical “flowing water” Damascus patterns are impressive enough, but when you layer 120…