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Sanborn Canoes LumberJac

Sanborn Canoes

Introducing Sanborn Canoes, taking to the water redefined. If you’re like us and can’t wait for the snow to melt and waters to…


Merrimack Canoe

Just when you thought great canoe heritage was sinking, the Merrimack Canoe by Sanborn comes to the rescue. With heritage always being on…

Fallman Bucksaw - lumberjac.com

Fallman Bucksaw

Save the day the old fashioned way with the Fallman Bucksaw. The traditional bucksaw hasn’t changed too much over time, and why would…

Sanborn Canoe Paddles

Sanborn Canoe Paddles

Paddle in style with Sanborn Canoe hand painted paddles. Not only are they hand painted, these paddles are hand-crafted by laminating combinations of…