Fjall Raven Keb Trousers

Fjall Rave Keb Trouser

Rarely do pants come along that impress us as much as these do. The Fjall Raven Keb Trousers have been designed around six key responsibilities that meet or exceed the needs of any outdoor adventure. This is a tall order, but Fjallraven has achieved it with great success. The trousers are a simple timeless masterpiece. Designed to be highly functional, each of their product utilizes smart solutions, such as their G-1000 Eco material. They have carefully thought out each detail; whether it’s the reinforced high use areas, the extra strong seam, or the zippered ventilation openings, these pants are a favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts. What more can I say about these pants? We score them high on every feature (design, materials, functionality, and quality), thus allowing us to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible.

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